Games Room Rules

bet365 general rules are to apply to all eventualities where the rules below do not apply. Unless specified all rules below relate to all games in the Games Room. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the General Rules, the maximum winnings to any one customer or group/syndicate of customers (including bets from the same source and/or customers with multiple accounts) is £100,000 (or currency equivalent) in any one day.

Once a bet is confirmed by bet365, that bet can not be amended or cancelled by the client. bet365 reserves the right to cancel any bet. If any game is disconnected for any reason after a bet is placed, the user has 8 minutes to reconnect otherwise the game will be settled as a loser. A player can view the result of the game once it is concluded, in their History.

For Deal or No Deal the game will auto-settle at the Banker’s offer at the point of disconnection if the user does not log back in within 8 minutes and resume the game.

Bets placed on Pool42 will stand regardless of whether the customer is connected to bet365games at the time of the draw. Should your bet not reach the server in time for the nominated draw, a message will be displayed to that effect. You will then have the option to place the bet on the next available draw. bet365 reserves the right to postpone any Pool42 draw and withdraw any part of the game at any time. In the case of a postponed draw, bets for that draw will stand.

If a Hi-Lo game is interrupted at any time by the game console window being closed or by any other means, the system will end the game as a losing game. If a game is in progress and no 'Higher' or 'Lower' selection is made for a period of 8 minutes, the game will end as 'Collected'. 

If a Hold’em or Fold’em game is disconnected, the player’s hand will automatically be folded.

When playing ‘Race To a Grand’, in the eventuality that 2 or more players reach a Grand during the same hand, the player who sits closest to the dealer’s left will be deemed the winner.

Any disconnection on The X Factor: Steps To Stardom slot during the Live Final bonus round will be settled as the final offer as predicted by the RNG (Random Number Generator).

Games played on IGT MegaJackpots® titles are subject to the supplier’s Terms and Conditions which can be found on the following website:

The games included are as follows:
• Cleopatra MegaJackpots
• Isle O’Plenty MegaJackpots
• Siberian Storm MegaJackpots
• Star Lanterns MegaJackpots
• Wolf Run MegaJackpots

bet365 reserves the right to amend the odds of any game at any time.

Bets will not be confirmed if there are insufficient funds in your account.

Malfunction will void all pays and play.

Last updated 02/10/2017.