The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is an authoritative, totally independent third party offering adjudication for customers who have an unresolved dispute with an operator. IBAS will not charge customers for use of the service.

Prior to adjudication, IBAS requires that the customer has fully exhausted the operator’s internal complaints process. You can view our Complaints Procedure here.

How Does IBAS Work?

Disputes are referred to the service via a standard IBAS adjudication form on which full details of the dispute should be provided. The English adjudication form is accessible from the IBAS website. Alternatively an adjudication form can be requested by calling +44 (0) 207 347 5883 (English language only), available 24 hours a day.

Please note that IBAS does not under any circumstances rule on disputes in person or over the telephone.

Is an IBAS Ruling Enforceable?

As a registered IBAS operator bet365 has declared an intention to abide by an IBAS ruling. Any operator registered who fails to fulfil that commitment can be removed from the register.